A.I. led automation for scaled ops and efficiencies

AI led automation for scaling channel partners

Ecosystem omniview

Get a 360 degree visibility of all verticals, right from marketing to sales in one view. Monitor the performance of each stakeholder and the value being added to the brand. Identify disruptions and design your business strategies immediately to continue winning.   
360 degree omniview dashboard
Command center to brand compliance

Command center

With our unified and self-serve platform, control brand experience centrally while enabling partner level localization and personalization. Leverage integrated approval-loop to prevent partners launching campaigns which don't align with your brand’s belief.

Virtual helpdesk 

Leverage automation to address customer issues in a smarter, quicker and faster way. Use workflows and AI to route your tickets to the right agent. Solve customer raised tickets via web, email, phone, SMS, and social media— all in one place. 
Virtual helpdesk for quicker and smarter customer support
Co-op wallet to eliminate cumbersome process of co-op marketing claims and reimbursements

Co-op digital wallet 

Eliminate the cumbersome process of co-op marketing claims and reimbursement. Experience simplified digital integration, remittance and reconciliation along with complete transparency on how the marketing budget is being consumed at the channel partner level.
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