Amplified shopper demand with localized and personalized experiences

Localised and Personalised Ad campaigns

Auto text, image and video ads

Enable every channel partner to capture audience attention with 100% brand compliant auto-generated image and video ads. These advanced ads are produced automatically by the ML-powered platform, using the combination of pre-uploaded images, logos and text assets.
100% brand compliant auto-generated image and video ads.

Personalized and localized creatives

Enable every channel partner to launch brand-compliant personalized digital ad campaigns, in minutes not days. Our AI enabled platform allows personalization of ad campaigns at scale, deploying 31+ personalization signals such as age, location, gender, language, purchasing habits and much more.
Personalised and localised creatives for all brand campaigns

Programmatic digital media channels

Reach out to look-alike untapped audience segments by leveraging Google, Facebook, Instagram and other programmatic channels. These segments are built using customer data anonymously based on key user signals such as demographics, psychographic behavior and much more.
Targeted ad campaigns using data segmentation and programmatic channels

Automated ad management

Hyperlocal platform is preloaded with automated marketing programs and AI-led campaign execution tools. This provides a 1-click fully automated ad running experience to the partners, irrespective of their familiarity with digital marketing. 
AI powered campaign execution tools
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