Enabling India’s Leading Automobile Manufacturer to adopt a new, ML-led Hyperlocal approach to Co-Op Marketing with Dealer Network

The Background

The global automobile giant markets several models in India that are well received by the Indian car buyers. The carmaker owns a significant proportion of the car market share in India and is the country’s largest exporter of passenger cars. The automobile manufacturer is also at the forefront of the electric-mobility revolution in India, along with driving the global shift towards clean energy.

The Challenge

The carmaker was looking to manage Co-Op Marketing more efficiently across the large Dealer Network spread across the country, with better utilization of budgets and digitizing/centralizing the processes involved along with delivering effective, high-quality lead generation at the outlet level.

The Approach

The automaker launched Co-Op Marketing across the Dealer Network using OnlineSales.ai’s HyperLocal, Co-Op Marketing Platform. The phase-I was planned to run for 90 days for 10% of the Dealer Network in India.

The ML-led, self-serving Platform enabled the Dealers to generate and manage quality leads at scale using automated, 1-click, Hyperlocal ad campaigns across Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Smart Optimizers that powered the Platform automated various advertising processes like campaign creation, budget management, ad delivery, and placement, and more.

The Platform auto-generated winning ad copies and images based on pre-approved brand creative sets and templates. The ads were translated into 8 local languages to create maximum localized impact.

Using Smart Optimizers and Dynamic Creative Optimization the campaigns are continuously optimized to improve budget utilization, ad targeting, and therefore bring down the CPL (cost-per-lead).

Dealers were provided with a simple and intuitive Dashboard for reporting and analytics, as well as for lead tracking and management. Respective teams at the dealerships could rate the acquired leads as ‘Hot’, ‘Warm’, or ‘Cold’ based on priority. Reminders could be set for leads so that leads don’t fall through the cracks. This led to simplistic yet effective in-built lead management for the Dealers.

The Key Wins
(In 3 months)


Local Languages


Of set KPI of Cost-per-lead Delivered


Dealer Satisfaction Index


Of the Leads were actively Rated


Active Daily Logins


Of Dealers as Active Participants
Very high dealer-engagement and satisfaction scores assured the adoption of the platform for wider use.

Platform’s in-built ML-driven media and ad-delivery optimizations over-delivered the Cost-per-lead outcome (i.e. far superior results against the agreed KPI).

Super-high Budget Utilization demonstrated the platform’s ability to spend media with a hawk-eye focus on outcome KPIs, ensuring client delight of meeting all relevant KPIs.

What's Next?

The successful Phase-I paves the way for introducing the OnlineSales.ai’s HyperLocal, Co-Op Marketing Platform to the entire Dealer base of the manufacturer across India.