Vocal For Hyperlocal: The Growing Importance Of Hyperlocal Digitization

In March 2020, as India implemented its lockdown, the ability of millions to visit their nearby stores disappeared overnight. An increasing number of people switched to online shopping.

As the world slowly returns to its old routines, but still online stores increased their revenue by 10% during the pandemic. Most businesses are now choose to have an online presence, and digital channel partner marketing has become an essential practice. This necessity has also brought in new opportunities for your channel partners and you, especially in hyperlocal marketing.

Channel Marketing In 21st Century
Technological consumption increased by 60% after the pandemic which lead to the development of targeting technology has allowed online communication to reach local audiences at an unprecedented scale. Channel partner marketing has moved beyond small-scale newspaper ads, banners, and other traditional media to precise location targeting.

Digital presence creation for your channel partners stands to provide numerous profit opportunities for your brand. Strategically using online tools such as Google AdSense and Meta For Business can help your partners get their names right in front of a highly invested, local consumer base – one that could work into their stores that very day.

Today, channel partner digitization can provide several critical advantages to your brand and its numerous stakeholders. Here’s a look at just a few of them. .

One Search Away From Your Customer
In the age of rampant digitization, your journey with the customer does not begin when they walk into your channel partner’s doors. It begins when they first search for their needs online. This way you are just one search away from your customers. Channel partner digitization allows you to engage with potential consumers at an extremely early stage in a specific manner.

53% of customers today carry out research online before making any kind of purchase. Making channel partners more discoverable for every potential customer ensures that your brand is part of the consumer’s consideration set. Apart from becoming discoverable online, it is essential for your channel partners to receive adequate reviews and ratings.

Consistent engagement in a cluttered digital space can be resource-intensive for your brand. Partnering with industry experts such as Onlinesales.ai’s Hyperlocal services manage your digital presence can radically improve the local rankings of your brand, and create an environment of trust towards your partner.

Stay ‘Near’ Your Customers
Traditionally, hyperlocal marketing would be carried out through flyers, banners, and advertisements in spaces like local cinema halls. However, the evolution of Google has come to redefine discoverability today.

Google has brought together a series of resources for businesses under the shared domain of Google My Business. GMB helps your partner’s listings by creating their digital presence, from making them discoverable on Google Maps to providing hyperlocal targeting avenues through Google AdSense. Onelinesales.ai’s continuous collaboration with Google has allowed us to revolutionize the digital presence of several independent and large-scale businesses.

Measure Every Footprint, Track Every Conversation
There was no way to track the impact of offline marketing mediums like pamphlets and hoardings in the past. Digitization has brought with it a degree of measurability that never existed before.

Inspite of the effectiveness of the old traditional marketing there is almost no way one can track the return on investments on such marketing campaigns. In today’s world brands want to track, how many leads were generated, what was the cost per lead (CPL), cost of acquiring the customer or what was the increase in footfall the store or the outlet experienced post the campaign.  Such precise tracking provides you with ROI insights on the money spent, and helps align spends with the most rewarding strategies. This turns your marketing efforts into a precise science, rather than calculated guesses.

Add a personal touch to your message
Constant and consistent communication is accounted to be 15% more effective than the groundwork for your brand. However, every Indian lane differs, and so must your message. By tweaking their message to fit vernacular languages, brands can customize one base piece of communication to every consumer’s unique requirements. This allows you to address exact consumer needs while maintaining brand consistency across channels, resulting in building better credibility and trust among customers searching them online.

Revolutionizing Your Approach Through Digitization
Digitizing is the next logical step for your partners, but it can be a resource-intensive process. Onlinesales.ai’s Hyperlocal services provide you with comprehensive services every step of the way. Its automated systems sync with CRM management, My Business collaborations, and constant analysis of SKU trends to optimize every hyperlocal targeting opportunity for you. The future for offline retail lies in your gadgets. As millions of businesses compete to grab consumer attention, you require a digital expert that makes your brand and its local partners stand out in the chaos. Find yours with Onlinesales.ai today.


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