The three best hyperlocal marketing hacks for your dealership

During the pandemic, keyword searches for automobiles like “dealers near me” saw an increase of 399%. By employing hyperlocal marketing, dealerships can create a digital presence, which helps them to appear on relevant search results. The online presence and localized marketing help a dealership to make a difference in sales by 52%. Referring to the statistics we can officially say that hyperlocal marketing is dominating the automotive industry. So, here are 3 hacks that will boost your dealership’s business with hyperlocal marketing.

1. Localized ads:
Localized ads allow the dealerships to develop ads in local vernacular. It allows the dealerships to connect with local audiences effectively. For instance, Maharashtra-based dealerships are more likely to get leads from creatives with Marathi text than those with English text. This creates awareness at a local level, by delivering the location of the dealerships with landmarks so that customers can locate them quickly.

2. Communication is the key:
More than 80% of customers inquire online before physically visiting the dealership. Allocating the right lead to the right agent at the right time can add to the lead conversion rate. A lead management system helps the dealership to direct a lead to the agent with a high conversion rate. So, to ensure that no leads are lost in the process, agents will receive notifications to follow up on leads. As a result, the customer will have a better sales experience and the dealerships will improve sales.

3. Demographic research:
A dealership needs to know the economic stratification of the area they are situated in. This way they know what product they have to emphasize on. For instance, a dealership is situated in a region with a dense population of working-class. In light of this information, the dealership would be able to focus more on cars that are suitable for the working class. SKU analytics allow dealerships to analyze which car is most demanded and they can run their advertisements accordingly. The data that has been collected by analyzing the sales allows the dealerships to allocate their advertising funds to the particular car from where they can derive more sales. This will allow the dealership to understand the demand of that particular region and plan out things accordingly. This way the dealership can improve its sales meanwhile provide its consumers with what they want.

With these tips, your dealership can accomplish its targets quickly. Explore what else hyperlocal marketing has to offer by talking to an expert. The future for automobile manufacturers lies in getting more and more accessible to their customers. As millions of businesses compete to grab consumer attention, you require a digital expert that makes your brand and its local partners stand out in the chaos. To learn more about how to go about streamlining your channel marketing needs, contact us today.


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