Push for Hyper-digitization! How to bring your dealerships closer to your customers

Traditionally what started as an offline market has seen a quick transformation into a digital foray. In an unpredictable and ever-changing environment, the need for dealer digitization and omnichannel presence has accelerated as the auto industry seeks new methods to engage with customers online and future-proof its recovery.

Digital consumption is at an all-time high in India and it has become imperative for brands to be present where their customers are. Over the last couple of years, fueled by the pandemic, there has been a spike in the time customers spend time online researching their purchases. As people continue to spend more time online, these trends have become the new normal — emphasizing the fact that most opportunities to influence consumers through touchpoints are now digital.

So what can car manufacturers do to cope with this change in consumer behavior to keep up with the trends in the market? Thankfully OnlineSales Hyperlocal has worked with major carmakers to come up with a tried and tested framework that doesn't involve reinventing the wheel but follows 3 simple steps to amplify your dealer digitization and help increase inbound inquiries.

Give your customers a seamless personalized experience
According to Google, 90% of customers turn to online search to seek information from car manufacturers to make a purchasing decision. 56% of car buyers say they visit a dealer’s website during their research journey. To start with, brands can initiate the process by digitizing their dealerships and creating their online presence, these dealerships can then create ads or post organically at the dealer level to generate interest and increase footfalls to the showroom.

Our experience has shown that running geo-targeted ads at a pin code level or a set radius helps drive more interest. This can further be improved and optimized by running ads in the local vernacular - this is an added advantage in areas where English is not the primary language. Today’s auto dealers must provide easily digestible information in varied formats to build a successful online relationship with customers.

Be “Always On” - Customers want you to be easily accessible
Ever since COVID, the “near me” searches have seen a massive increase by up to 93%, indicating that customers are interested in the availability of dealerships in their locality for easy access. 

Car manufacturers that enable their dealerships to run localized targeted ads see a higher conversion rate than running generic blanket ads across a larger geography. As brands make sense of the exploration cycle in today’s context, searches across categories are highlighting the importance of showing up in consumers’ moments of need instead of prioritizing an omnipresent approach. Expectations are changing, and now more than ever, people want the ability to buy and engage with the brand from the comfort of their homes.

Co-op marketing - An untapped opportunity
Automotive brands rely heavily on dealerships to drive local sales and awareness, but many dealerships frequently lack the time, experience, and resources to design and execute an effective marketing strategy on their own. To solve this problem, co-op marketing programs provide dealerships with a platform where they can access cooperative funds as well as the needed marketing materials to run campaigns at a hyperlocal level. 

Co-op marketing can help dealerships run marketing campaigns at a hyperlocal level thereby increasing brand awareness - this can be massively important during new car launches

        1. Reduction in advertising costs: Running a shared budget for campaigns
            helps brands lower their advertising costs. A set of criteria for a co-op
            advertising program can help channel partners spend their co-op funds on
            the most effective marketing methods, wasting less money on tactics that
            don't create significant revenue.
        2. A localized brand awareness: It helps increase brand awareness at a             hyperlocal level, which can be difficult to reach for the branding team sitting             in their corporate office.
        3. Growth: It gives a platform for both, the car brand and the dealership to             enjoy mutual growth.

Digitizing is the next logical step for your partners, but it can be a resource-intensive process. Onlinesales.ai’s Hyperlocal services provide you with comprehensive services every step of the way. The future for automobile manufacturers lies in getting more and more accessible to their customers. As millions of businesses compete to grab consumer attention, you require a digital expert that makes your brand and its local partners stand out in the chaos. To learn more about how to go about streamlining your channel marketing needs, contact us today.


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