First touch point to final sales - How channel partners can simplify their lead management process

An organization is a blend of rules, roles and responsibilities, however, this foundation stands on a very complex nature of association which might make it difficult to operate on the higher levels of hierarchy. In addition to helping an organization to simplify its complex role, channel marketing assists it in adding revenue. This way, an organization can add value to its business while simplifying its complex nature at the same time. A win-win situation for everyone.

Lead Management: How Can Channel Partners Help?
The simplification of the organization itself solves a lot of shortcomings, however, when it comes to managing the leads, channel partners play a very significant role, as they hold and build on a brand's reputation, which will help the brand to generate revenue as well as goodwill. So, here’s how channel partners can help in lead management:

1. Right lead to the right agent at the right time
In the same way that a right strike can mold a hot iron, the right agent's strike can convert a lead while it's still hot. Similarly, routing your lead to the right sales agent will add to your high conversion rate. From our experience, a proper lead routing system can help increase your sales figures by up to 20%. The customer will get a better sales experience, as your lead would be diverted to an agent that has a higher conversion rate.

2. Analytics is the breakfast for champions
Starting your day with insights and reports regarding your business operation is like eating breakfast. Lead analytics provides the organization with insights on all the leads from different channel partners that your organization is associated with. This makes it very easy for the organization to track the number of leads that are closed and lost over a period of time. Analytics will help you to enhance security, eliminate risk and will improve your organization’s decision-making. Lead analytics also provide complete transparency to the organization:

Transparency fosters trust and trust is the foundation of any partnership.
An analytics platform will act as a glass wall of transparency between your organization and your channel partner, so they can track how your channel partners are performing and get accurate insights. As part of the reporting and analytics, brands can find out where a lead is at in terms of closing maximum leads and which channel partner is performing the best.

For instance, one of our clients increased their marketing budget for the channel partners; Who were performing well, which will strengthen the brand-partner relationship. Meanwhile, both of them benefit from the revenue generated. It is a win-win situation for both.

Managing leads is an art, and channel partners are the artists that your organization needs. Above mentioned three-pointers are a brief description of how channel partners help in simplifying the lead management process. Most companies are looking forward to extending their business with their channel partners which will any day be a boon to the organization.

Digitizing is the next logical step for your partners, but it can be a resource-intensive process.’s Hyperlocal services provide you with comprehensive services every step of the way. The future for automobile manufacturers lies in getting more and more accessible to their customers. As millions of businesses compete to grab consumer attention, you require a digital expert that makes your brand and its local partners stand out in the chaos. To learn more about how to go about streamlining your channel marketing needs, contact us today.


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